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Select Gender and get list of all the rajpurohit in that Gender :
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IDNameCitySub CastGenderMarrageDetails
500 NARPATSINGH BIHARILAL MumbaiGundechaMaleMarriedDetails
203Abhey Singh (Saved) SevadMaleMarriedDetails
469AbhishekjodhpurJagarwalMaleUn MarriedDetails
327Achal Singh ( Miyakabada ) Late DudawatMaleMarriedDetails
311Achal Singh ( Nimali ) FandarMaleMarriedDetails
18Achal Singh (Ana)Hyderabad ( A.P )UdechMaleMarriedDetails
362Aditya Bikaner SevadMaleUn MarriedDetails
321Ajaypal ( Sanwalta ) JagarwalMaleUn MarriedDetails
491amar singh.pMaduraiSevadMaleMarriedDetails
338Amit RajpurohitBangloreMuthaMaleMarriedDetails
117Amruth Singh(Karmavas)Hyderabad ( A.P )GundechaMaleUn MarriedDetails
194Ankit (Dhalop)Hyderabad ( A.P )RaigurMaleUn MarriedDetails
180Ankit Kumar (Chandwal)Hyderabad ( A.P )RajguruMaleUn MarriedDetails
218Ann Singh (Talkiya) SevadMaleMarriedDetails
454arjun rajpurohitBangloreHathalaMaleMarriedDetails
462Arjun SinghCHENNAISevadMaleMarriedDetails
135Arjun Singh (Narancha) NaranchaMaleMarriedDetails
501Arun Singh ( Gopyani )BangloreJagarwalMaleUn MarriedDetails
79Arun Singh (Chandalwal)Hyderabad ( A.P )RajguruMaleMarriedDetails
442Arvind Kumar BangloreSevadMaleMarriedDetails
254Arvind Singh ( Anna )Hyderabad ( A.P )GundechaMaleMarriedDetails
93Arvind Singh(Chandawal)Hyderabad ( A.P )RajguruMaleMarriedDetails
375Ashish Ahmedabad VoraMaleUn MarriedDetails
4Ashish KumarHyderabad ( A.P )SevadMaleUn MarriedDetails
346Ashok Kumar Hyderabad ( A.P )SevadMaleMarriedDetails
85Ashok Kumar(Chandawal Sojat)Hyderabad ( A.P )RajguruMaleMarriedDetails
81Ashok Kumar(chandawal)Hyderabad ( A.P )RajguruMaleMarriedDetails
332Ashok Singh ( Anaa )MumbaiPanchlodMaleMarriedDetails
284Ashok Singh ( Shivantala )Hyderabad ( A.P )MuthaMaleUn MarriedDetails
502Ashok Singh Hem SinghMumbaiSindhapMaleMarriedDetails
47Ashok singh Raj Purohit(luni) SevadMaleMarriedDetails
42Ashok Singh(Dhalop)Hyderabad ( A.P )RaigurMaleMarriedDetails
425Ashwani Singh Ahmedabad GundechaMaleMarriedDetails
2Ashwin KumarHyderabad ( A.P )SevadMaleUn MarriedDetails
179Ashwin Kumar (Chandawal)Hyderabad ( A.P )RajguruMaleMarriedDetails
222Babu Singh ( Jaitaran ) KedariyaMaleMarriedDetails
78Babu Singh(Chandalwal)Hyderabad ( A.P )GundechaMaleMarriedDetails
265Badarlal Singh Ji ( Nimbaj ) LateHyderabad ( A.P )SevadMaleMarriedDetails
16Badri Singh (Riyanbadi)Hyderabad ( A.P )SevadMaleMarriedDetails
410BajrangDelhi DudawatMaleUn MarriedDetails
526Bakhtawar Singh  GundechaMaleMarriedDetails
109Balu Singh(Chandawal) LateHyderabad ( A.P )RajguruMaleMarriedDetails
470Balwant Singh jodhpurJagarwalMaleMarriedDetails
65Balwanth Singh(Jetiwas) SindhapMaleMarriedDetails
443BasantJaipur ( Rajasthan )JagarwalMaleMarriedDetails
25Bhadur Singh (Khichan)Hyderabad ( A.P )SevadMaleMarriedDetails
212Bhag Singh (Birami) MavaMaleMarriedDetails
83Bhagirath Singh(Barna)Hyderabad ( A.P )JagarwalMaleMarriedDetails
98Bhaktawar Singh(chandawal)Hyderabad ( A.P )RajguruMaleMarriedDetails
66Bhanwar LalHyderabad ( A.P )RajguruMaleMarriedDetails
510BHANWAR SINGH MoomariyaMaleMarriedDetails
221Bhanwar Singh ( Jaitaran ) KedariyaMaleMarriedDetails
228Bhanwar Singh ( Thakurla )CHENNAIKewansaMaleMarriedDetails
63Bhanwar Singh (Ana)Hyderabad ( A.P )UdechMaleMarriedDetails
463Bharat DAhmedabad SepauMaleMarriedDetails
376Bharat KumarCHENNAISanthuaMaleUn MarriedDetails
399Bharat Kumar Ahmedabad RajguruMaleMarriedDetails
488BHARAT SINGHjodhpurSevadMaleMarriedDetails
58Bharat Singh (Nimaj)Hyderabad ( A.P )SevadMaleMarriedDetails
204Bharat Singh (Nimbaj) SevadMaleMarriedDetails
33Bharat Singh (Tarangadi)Hyderabad ( A.P )SodaMaleMarriedDetails
519Bharath Kumar FandarMaleMarriedDetails
149Bhavesh (Godavad)Hyderabad ( A.P )SevadMaleUn MarriedDetails
540Bhavesh BhawarsinghMumbaiNandvanaMaleUn MarriedDetails
316Bhawar Singh ( ParaKhia ) BaluchaMaleMarriedDetails
41Bhawar Singh(Dhalop) RaigurMaleMarriedDetails
116Bhawar Singh(Karmavas)Hyderabad ( A.P )GundechaMaleMarriedDetails
80Bhawar Singh(Panchdoliya)Hyderabad ( A.P )SevadMaleMarriedDetails
102Bhawar Singh(ravaniya)Hyderabad ( A.P )PunayachaMaleMarriedDetails
542Bhawarsingh Rupji MumbaiNandvanaMaleMarriedDetails
37Bheek SinghHyderabad ( A.P )SevadMaleMarriedDetails
54Bheem Singh(Talkia)Hyderabad ( A.P )SevadMaleMarriedDetails
286Bhem Singh ( Barna ) PanchlodMaleMarriedDetails
120Bhen Singh(Khesra)Hyderabad ( A.P )KesriaMaleMarriedDetails
315Bheru Singh ( Rajguru ) RaigurMaleMarriedDetails
330Bheru singh (Isali )MumbaiJoshiMaleMarriedDetails
161Bheru Singh (Kadu)BangloreSrigurMaleMarriedDetails
289Bhnwar Singh ( Dondi Ki Dhani )Hyderabad ( A.P )SevadMaleMarriedDetails
253Bhopal Singh ( Anna )Hyderabad ( A.P )GundechaMaleMarriedDetails
226Bhopal Singh ( Roopavas) SevadMaleMarriedDetails
130Bhopal Singh (Dhangadvas) JagarwalMaleMarriedDetails
167Bhopal Singh (Karmavas) LateHyderabad ( A.P )GundechaMaleMarriedDetails
136Bhopal Singh (Surayata) SevadMaleMarriedDetails
23Bhur Singh (Sarvadi)Hyderabad ( A.P )MananaaMaleMarriedDetails
96Bhur Singh(Bhaudi)Hyderabad ( A.P )SevadMaleMarriedDetails
356Bhwani Singh  SevadMaleMarriedDetails
390Biharilal Singh PunaSevadMaleMarriedDetails
275Budh Singh ( Thakarvas )Hyderabad ( A.P )UdechMaleMarriedDetails
108Buledan Singh(pilawa)Hyderabad ( A.P )JoshiMaleMarriedDetails
76Chagan Singh(Riyanbadi)Hyderabad ( A.P )SevadMaleMarriedDetails
342Chakravati Singh GundechaMaleUn MarriedDetails
450Chandra Singh SevadMaleMarriedDetails
449Chandrajeet Singh  GundechaMaleMarriedDetails
424Chatr singh Bikaner RaigurMaleMarriedDetails
45Chattur bhuj(Takarwas)Hyderabad ( A.P )DadalaMaleMarriedDetails
220Chunni Lal (Jaitaran) KedariyaMaleMarriedDetails
234Dalpat Singh ( Surayata )Hyderabad ( A.P )SevadMaleMarriedDetails
229Dalpath Singh ( Thakurla )CHENNAIKewansaMaleMarriedDetails
151Dasharath Singh (Roopnagar)Hyderabad ( A.P )SevadMaleUn MarriedDetails

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