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Sunday, May 19, 2024 7:27 AM Welcome Guest!


Nice to see u Rajpurohit on web...if u want more data base about rajpurohit ..presently all the Block Development Authority have this..we can collect directly from them..any way its yr best effort

K S Rajpurohit

exciting,amazing,wonderful effort made by you people,i realy appreciate , my good wishes with you,wel i am amar working with IMS Learning Centre Delhi,its an training centre for MBA entrance if any body have query related to MBA (India OR abroad) feel free to ask me........Bye ...all the best

Amar Singh Keshria

hi., u r doing great work by this website i m able to find many rajpurohits... thanks a lot..

Vipul rajpurohit

hi , feeling great to get this web. thanks

Bharat Singh

its an excellent site where the new generation comes closer and know our real rajpurohit values.i m happy it will grow n help many of our friends n realatives to interact n maybe solve thr problems,wherever they may b. i look frwd fr yr support to grow n,especiallly educate our children. i wish u all the bestn be in touch.

Santosh - Karnataka

congrats,,,,,,alol.. i m really feel proud when i first time visit the site. and like it very much as it is an primary platform for creating new generation.. best luck......

Dinesh Rajpurohit

hello Ashwin,

first i would like to give congratulation for doing creative work to give valuable information about our cast and bring each- other.

secondly my date of birth is showing jan 2009 which is actually jan 74 so please correct the same.

Anil Rajpurohit - Pune

I really appresiate thes effort who ever have done for this network.Its a great job and i heard about this network bye one of my cousine and i was very happy because grace of this network . we can found a lots new freinds from our society .I am working in a software company living with my family in Delhi if any rajpurohit brother and sister need any type of help in delhi i am allways there feel free to contact me just call me on my mobile

vikrom singh - Delhi

Its great to know about the portal that contributes a lot to bring all Rajpurohits together.

Good Job Done!!
Appreciate it!!

Kamal - Delhi

simply superb what a best way to unite all rajpurohits. hats off to the owner of this site.

Dushyant Rajpurohit - Jaipur ( Rajasthan )

I have just come across the website. An appreciable effort. Hope it to provide a useful platform for meaningful conversation

Om Singh Rajpurohit

Hi, Friends!!! Nice to see: It is a wonderful effort made by you people. Well...I am a researcher working in Haifa, Israel. I usually do not find much time to have information about Rajpurohit brothers and sisters. Now I have a grate tool to keep a interactive watch on it. I wish you a good luck for your New I will be very happy if I may be in a position help you at any level. Please do suggest me. Sincerely, SR

Dr. Subhash Rajpurohit - Israel

Thanks to u for producing all This detailed information of our community on internate. only becouse of yuor effordes,today rajpurohit community is on world wide netowork. i realy appritiate your work. Yhank u !

Ajay Singh m. Rajpurohit


Bihrilal Singh Rajpurohit

I dont know anything about you guys, but i would say that you people had put lot of efforts to give a platform to very much unknown rajpurohit samaj and its people. I would appreciate if you put more efforts to make it two way interactive so that our views can be exchanged in more easier way.

Mahendra Purohit- Ahmedabad

Great job done. My best wish with you. It is nice effort towards to make unity of rajpurohit globally. Keep it up

Hanuman Singh

i am very happy to visit this site. very good job for do a union of rajpurohit on golbal leavel.

Bharat Rajguru

Ashwin...very cool... its fantastic site.... i appreciate its aesthetic expression through its cool color & lightness. Also i can feel your great ambition while designing & am sure that v’ll be able to create such a nice functional network among all Rajpurohit of the globe in near future. All the Best.

Ishan Rajpurohit (Hyderabad)

Well after going thru it i feel, whoever has designed the site has done a great job. I will surely tell my Rajpurohit friends know about this of luck

Seema Rajpurohit (Bangalore)

Its a gr8 work ,really feel nice to see that there are people all around who believe in the word "UNITY"

Surender Rajpurohit (Hyderabad)

Great work....
You invested your time, came up with very nice format and done a great job.But there is a lot to be done if you want to appeal all Rajpurohit. One thing I would like to say is there are much more sub-casts in Rajpurohit's then you have kept.Any way great work and keep the spirit high.

Shrawan Rajpurohit. (Bangalore)

Thanks for your reply.Really you are doing a great job.I think you will prove a stepping stone towards the popularity of RAJPUROHITS.I found this web in the ORKUT network in one Rajpurohits profile.

Indersingh Rajpurohit (AFRICA)

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